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Products & Services

We Specialize In Classy Vibes and Quality Flooring

Your floors should serve you, not the other way around. That is why

Archer Hardwood Flooring focuses on high quality products, precise technique, and stellar design practices to provide you with floors that look great and last a lifetime.

We Offer New Construction and Remodel Services

Installation, Sand, & Finish

Whether it's solid, engineered, site finished, prefinished, or LVP you can count on Archer to approach your project with a high quality, data driven, and technical process. We combine that with good design practices to give you floors that will look great and last a lifetime. 


Getting a repair to your hardwood floors completed can be menacing. Archer aims to make it as simple and as painless as possible. Our crews are experienced in handling repairs of all types. 


The beautiful new flooring you just put in your home is an asset. We recommend protecting that asset with a quality product that will help keep you floors looking new through the construction or remodel process. At the very least, you'll sleep a little better at night.

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